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Top Free 10 Best Android Music Players 2019 Edition

Best Android music players: Gone are the days when we used to listen to songs on portable music players. After smartphones entered the market, every music listener shifted their favorite stored music from CD, DVD to their smartphones. But, are we getting the good quality music what we expected from those mobiles? The answer is No. Why because most of us got stuck with the pre-installed Android music apps on our device.

What to do now? Luckily, there are tons of excellent music player apps available on the Google Play Store (if we are An android user). These apps are coming in both Free and Paid versions, where we can go with whatever we want. Each music app comes with a beautiful UI and good design with great animations. Moreover, these apps offer both basic and customize features which we can adjust it later according to the individual’s use. Previous we are discussed best music app for android 2019 and now we have updated the total apps and features.

best android music players


On the other side, the online music streaming apps like Spotify, Pandora and other apps are doing extremely well, but listening to our own stored music playlist is completely a different thing. Here, we need not worry about internet connection or daily using mobile data, it’s just an SD card and mobile battery backup required.

Top Free 10 Best Android Music Players 2019:

1. Black Player:

best music player android

This player comes in both Free and Paid versions. Black Player comes in a simple but elegant design, especially the tab structure is good that we can customize the tab according to our needs. Moreover, it has an Equalizer, an ID3 tag editor, gapless playback, crossfade, widgets, themes, no ads, and supports for many music files. The minimalism option is also simple. Although, we can many features in the free version, if you go with the paid version, you can have far more options. It’s worth trying this Black Player music app once.

2. JetAudio HD:

best free music player for android

JetAudio is one of the best android mp3 player. Features of this app are so good and simple to use for everyone. One of the main advantages is the audio enhancements that will come with a plugin where we can get different music experience than regular. And this equalizer has effects like bass boost, widgets, a tag editor and a MIDI playback. For more themes and no ads, go to the Paid version.

3. Media Monkey:

best android music app

In this music player app industry, MediaMonkey called it as a dark horse. It has good organizational features in things like podcasts, audiobooks and here we can sort it by the composer as well. An equalizer is always we have and a sync functionality available where we can sync our music library from one device to other through Wi-Fi. It is a bit complicated one, but a feature we can use. Nice interface and an excellent music app to try once.

4. n7 player:

best music player for android 2016

an n7 player always goes in a unique way and become successful. Here, we find a big collage style list of our music files where you scroll those and listen to rather than sorting (in other apps). Plenty of features like 10-band equalizer, a tag editor, volume normalization, scrobbling and many. A decent music player that looks awesome and no other apps do.

5. Neutron player:

best android music player 2015

If you want a better sound, you can choose this music app. Not as popular as other apps, but it has decent features like 32/64-bit audio rendering engine which is independent of the Android OS. It supports even file types like FLAC, MP4, etc. It has a built-in equalizer and other audiophile specific options. This app is a bit expensive, but many prefer it as the go-to music player app.

6. Phonograph:

best android music player 2015

Being simple, lightweight and easy to use, Phonograph is a newer one compared to others in the Android market. By far, the latest one is the best looking, having a unique playlist card right below the now playing screen. It has a Material Design interface which looks good. An option is available for theme change (customizable theme) if we want. And also, we can have integration, playlist features, auto download album art, a tag editor, home screen widget, and other navigation options. Very simple and worth trying who just wants to listen to music.

7. PlayerPro Music Player:

best music player for android 2016

Few people know about this music app. Good looking interface and easy to use, and you can download the skins and install for better customization. You have an extra fun feature to shake your phone to change the track and a five-band equalizer, widgets, different audio effects, and support for playing video. Supports Hi-Fi music (up to 32-bit, 384kHz). PlayerPro Music player app is available in both free and paid versions.

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8. Poweramp:

best music player android

Poweramp is one of the go-to music player app choices since from a long time for so many Android users. You can download its themes from the Google Play Store. It has many features like gapless playback, crossfade, widgets, tag editing, customization settings, and it supports different playlist types. It has a good interface, efficient and effective look.

9. Pulsar Music Player:

best android music app

Pulsar is one of the best music player available both in free and paid versions. It has a minimal and simple structure having large buttons and well-written font on the Now Playing screen. It has features like Last. fm scrobbling, beautiful Material Design, gapless playback, tag editing, artwork download, custom equalizer, sleep timer, and smart playlists. It also has an awesome feature like Chromecast support. Being free, it has limited features but it not means doesn’t use it. For the people who want minimal, good-looking and lightweight, this one is a great option.

10. Shuttle+Music Player:

best free android music player

Shuttle+ Music Player becomes popular and its popularity increasing. It seems that the developer took some time off for updating this app, but now it’s fine. This Material Design app has features like a six-band EQ, support for embedded lyrics, custom equalizer, downloading artwork whitelist/blacklisting of tracks, gapless playback, scrobbling, tons of themes and more. If you are going to the Paid version, you can get Chromecast support, folder browsing, ID3 tag editor, and many themes. Try this once, you will definitely like.

Final Words:

If none of the above what you are looking for, there are Best Android music players other music players which you definitely give it a try like doubleTwist, Rocket Music Player, BoomCap, Retro Music Player, VLC, MusixMatch, GoneMAD Music Player, Pi Music Player, CloudPlayer, Stellio, Minima, AIMP, etc. Hope we provided some of the best picks for you if not, there are more music player apps available on the Google Play Store to try them out. Therefore, for more information, visit hahatricks any time without any fail.

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