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Top 5 Best Word Processor for Mac 2017

Hi everyone, I’m back once again with the top 5 best word processors for Mac. So, those who are looking for the smooth working of the latest Word processor for Mac then read this article till the end. As we all know there is a lot of difference between Mac and windows, especially in handling the text documents. In Windows, there will be Microsoft word to manage all the doc files, especially word files. But there is no such facility in Mac os software, so it is difficult to read or create text documents. For that reason, so many of the people are looking for the perfect working best Microsoft word app for Mac and relevant software.

Today I will let you know about the word processor software for mac. So, you are one of them who are looking for the alternative to MS word in Mac. Here you go, check out the list given below and get the apt software which is compatible with your iMac or MacBook. Also, an individual can check out the tutorials related to Windows 10 media players at any time.

Best word processor for Mac Latest 2019

1. iA Writer:

This is one of the great options we have, and there is no side-loading needed, you can directly install it from the mac app store. You know, good things will be expensive, just like that this app also a purchased version. Just pay £9.99 & get it on your device from the store. iA writer has an excellent feature which will focus on the center of the word while you are typing so that you can easily read the above sentence. You can also include the whole paragraph to this focus mode to have a clear view.

Best word processor for Mac

We can say it as a minimalist app because it has a small library of words, in which we can add our most used words. Also, you can easily get the noun, adjective words by marking them with colours. So, in my view, this will be the best choice for the word processing mac.

2. Word 2016:

Word 2016 is also the best word processor for Mac option as an alternative to the mac word processor. As we said, this is also a paid version which is available at £59.99 per year / £5.99 per month as part of Office 365 Personal. If you want an exclusive and professional word style you can add this to your Mac book.

word processor software for mac


It is the latest and modern app for Mac users who are facing so many difficulties with word files from a lot of years. This word 2016 will gives all the features which are in the windows version. It also has the Most useful features like Retina displays and multi-touch gestures such as pinching and unpinching to zoom out and back in again. You can also set your own colour and select a theme for your file, isn’t that great.

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3. Google Docs:

As every one of us got our email ID, there is an amazing option given by Google called “Google Docs”. Not only doc files, but you can also get the excel sheets so can you can get your data anytime, anywhere. All you need is a fair and optimized internet connection. Yes, as Google Docs is online, data or network connection is must to access your files.

word processor for Mac

Moreover, you can’t have any fear of data loss in this One, because it is directly linked to your personal Gmail account. All the changes you make for the docs and sheets will be saved in google drive. Your data is safe unless you delete it from your Google Drive. So, as compared to the above options, this one will be your best Mac word processor at an affordable price.

4. LibreOffice Writer:

It is also a better option for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. As we said this is a Free Office suite for your Mac device which offers the same as the Microsoft Offerings. As it is an Office writer, it supports all word documents with .doc and .docx files, so you can open and do editings for it without any problem. This LibreOffice writer contains some wizards which will allow you to setup memos, letters and also the Mail-merge documents. Also, it contains so many styling and formatting tools to give elegance to your Document.

MacBook or MacBook Pro

Not only that, it will also allow you to create Tables of Contents and indexes with the easily accessible options. From the LibreOffice website you can get the latest templates, just download and use them on your Device. LibreOffice lacks some of the clinks when compared to MS Office 2016 and doesn’t have the same features to allow you to easily work on documents on an iOS device as well as on your Mac. But, as a free tool, we can say it is an Excellent software word processing for mac.

5. Scrivener:

This is also one of the better options for the best word processing tool for Mac under a lower price tag of £43.99 / year. This Scrivener has so many fans and also use it for several purposes like writing Full-length writings, novels or screenplays etc. As Scrivener contains Numerous templates for novels, Non-fiction documents and Screenplays (including the standard formats for BBC Radio and BBC Taped Drama) and even poetry.

MacBook or MacBook Pro

It contains a colour-coding option, in which we can create Library for Documents and subdocuments which can be coded with the color and can be saved. With the extraordinary Split-Screen mode, you can handle two of your Documents at a time. Also, you can create a synopsis for your documents including metadata and keywords. References and bookmarks what not you will get the whole office suite package in this price range are a good thing, you should definitely give it a try.

That’s it for the day guys, this is the top list of the best word processor for mac. We have given the full details about each and every word processor for your Mac device. So, choose the right one and get all your work done. Therefore, for more information, visit Hahatricks any time without any fail.

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