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DNS Probe Finished Bad Config – How to Fix

While surfing the internet or trying to search anything on the browsers like Chrome and Firefox, so many of us will encounter the problem of DNS probe finished bad config or DNS probe bad config. This causes due to so many reasons and sometimes it is as simple as a Faulty network. Mainly, this issue can be seen in the Chrome browser. So, today we are going to discuss all the possibilities for this error. And below let’s discuss the reasons and the solutions to fix this DNS bad config error.

This is a general problem of coding or the Browsers DNS address. So, today we will give you the methods through which you can fix the DNS probe bad config error. You can see the methods for this error below. If you found these methods useful, then please share it with your friends using your social network accounts. Also Read Fix mobile network not available error.

How to Fix DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Error:

DNS probe finished bad config

There are so many solutions to fix this error of DNS bad configuration problem. Generally, this problem will appear on your browser’s screen when you try to open a website or search for any content. It will pop up a message DNS_PROBE_BAD_CONFIG_ERROR which means the server cannot load the address due to the coding problem. And sometimes this error is due to a network issue or bad signals. The following are the methods through which you can easily solve the error within no time.

The following are the different methods through which you can resolve the DNS probe bad config problem. Check the below one and comment which one is most useful for you and also please give us your suggestions. Click here to know


DNS probe bad config

In this Method, you will clear all the old Internal IP and DNS and fill it with Default ones. It will work for small problems. For this,

  • First, open Windows command prompt. You can do this as below.
  • Click on Start, type cmd in the search box and hit Enter.
  • Then simply, type, the following given commands, try anyone

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renewnetsh int

netsh int ip set dns

netsh Winsock reset

  • Just restart the computer once you type the command and hit enter.
  • Windows will now repopulate its catalog and the erring one will be replaced with the correct entry which may fix your problem.

Method 2 – Changing DNS Settings:

Follow the below-given steps to solve the DNS bad configuration problem. Through this method, we will configure the DNS address manually which is quite easy.

I Step: Go to “Open Network and Sharing center”  by right clicking on Network icon on the status bar.

II Step: Select and tap on “Local area connections”. Right click on that and select properties.

III Step: Now a window appears on the screen, Select “Internet Protocol Version 4”. From that and then again click on “properties”.

IV Step: Now Select “Use the following DNS Server Addresses” and then in Preferred DNS Server, Type the following – with the alternate server

V Step: Finally click on “Validate Settings Upon Exit” checkbox and click OK. That’s it now your problem will be fixed.

Method 3 – Disabling Firewall and Antivirus:

Another thing that can cause your chrome to lose itself is your firewall or Virus protection package. If you receive the error after an upgrade to your virus package or you’ve made changes to your Firewall. This is the first place to look for a possible problem.

So, in this instant shutting off either one first and seeing if the problem clears. If it does you need to roll back to the previous version and contact your vendor for a fix or a workaround.

Method 4 – Getting Rid of Website Filters:

If you are running any special software that blocks certain sites or filters them out so members of your household can’t access certain web pages. If after installation or making changes, your Chrome starts reporting the problem.

DNS probe bad config

Temporarily disable the software or uninstall it and check for proper operation of your browser. External Firewalls, such as China’s and Australia’s have been known to cause problems with chrome’s functionality. Purchasing a VPN may cure the problem as well. By this also you can fix DNS probe bad config

Method 5 – Miscellaneous fixes

Still Didn’t get a solution, the following are some of the simple and common fixes you can use them as a last hope. Try them…

  • Update your Network driver is also one of the methods to fix the problem. Download the latest drivers from vendors websites and install them.
  • Delete cookies, Browser Temp files & cache. Deletion of the history file has also been known to correct this problem and so by deleting your browser’s history as well can fix the problem.
  • Finally try a different browser, as it may be a Chrome-only problem. Firefox, Safari, and IE explorer can all coexist on the same machine and have an alternative browser can help a great deal when attempting to isolate a connection problem such as this one.


SO, friends, these are the best and top rated fixes compiled only for you to fix your annoying issue DNS probe bad config. Hope that the above methods helped you in fixing the problem with your chrome browser, Please let us know your views on this article, by using the comment section given on the website. If you like this article, please see our great tech information articles in this Haha tricks by visiting the website daily. Thank you for sparing your time to stop by this article and reading it, keep visiting hahatricks for more interesting and informational stuff.

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