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Hey Folks! I am back again with the cool Info about an energy company and its services. Dominion Energy Inc., also known as “Dominion Power NC”, an American company, headquarters at Richmond, VA]. Which supplies random services to their customers like the generation of electricity, the transmission of natural gas, producing, storing, pipeline distribution in the United States which includes North Carolina, Virginia, etc.,

Yeah! Dominion Power NC an one of the topmost producer of power and transporter of energy and also supplies 15,000 miles of natural gas transmission and services 5 million retail energy customers in the Midwest, Northeast mid-Atlantic and regions of America. The subsidiary companies may manage the services to Dominion North Carolina Power, DVP, Electric Transmission, Dominion East Ohio, Dominion Hope, etc.

Dominion power nc

Dominion Power NC Customer Service Number – 1-866-366-4357

Dominion Power NC mostly focuses on their in their investments by regulating the electric generation, distribution, and transmission of natural gas and infrastructure. There are three different segments to operate Dominion Power NC. Dominion Generation, Dominion Energy and Dominion Virginia Power operating(DVP) segment and others. The Dominion Energy and DVP operating segment includes regulating electric transmission and regulated electric distribution. Next, Dominion Generation segment may be regulated electric fleet, merchant electric fleet. Lastly, Dominion Energy segment may transmit natural gas and to store, gather natural gas and processing it, and then liquefied natural gas to import. Dominion Power NC regulated electric utility that transmits and distributes electricity from coal, nuclear power, natural gas, oils, hydro and other renewable sources, etc. Renewable sources like wind, solar, biomass, conversations.

Dominion Virginia Power Bill Pay Helpline Numbers:

Customer Services of Dominion Power NC Below we are mentioning all the details about dominion power customer service or dominion power bill pay phone number to contact directly with the Dominion. Hope it will make easy to get their services at your fingertips. It may save time without reaching them always and you may ask your queries, complaints or feedback.

Place Number
Virginia & North Carolina 1-866-366-4357
For East Ohio 1-800-362-7557
East Ohio Emergency Services 1-877-542-2630
West Virginia 1-800-688-4673
Emergency No Hope 1-800-934-3187
Virginia 888-667-3000

dominion power pay bill

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People may go to their actual website to render services and may ask queries and complaints, to report the problem. And may also check outages or downed wire electrical issues check their bills and also make their own payments online. Customers may log in to the website by their account to get details of their account, to extend payment dates also. Access bills, check credit reference letters, start, stop or transfer services, payment plans, etc.

Dominion Power number [800] is the best phone number for Setup Service, Change Services, Cancel My Services, Service Issue, Complaint and other customer service issues. Customers may access their account from their smartphones as well as from the website. They may pay bills through their debit/credit cards by registering the bank account with the payment link. So, Users may easily access through automatic payments by saving their card details and may check and save the account or access through payment centers.

Dominion helps their customers through dominion power pay bill, they even offering the best customer service as well as utility services to their customers. Which includes power outage detection, detailed energy usage, and remote meter turn on and off as continuous.


How to Contact Dominion Power NC Customer Service

  • Firstly Call dominion power phone number mentioned above regarding your location status. For Example 1-866-DOM-HELP.
  • Thank you for calling Dominion customer care services.
  • For quality and training purposes, your call will be recorded. Later asking for their queries, are you calling to report your payment? Report it now and avoid waiting by using our automated service system, it is Easy and Secure.
    Now, Select billing and payment option from our main menu.
    Then select the option you required to report a payment bar by using your receipt number.
  • Now Press “1” or Dial “1“.
  • To report a query regarding outage, Press “1“.
  • For downed wire electrical issues, Press “2“.
  • For working near power lines, Press “3“.
  • Power shutdown due to nonpayment of bills, Press “4“.
  • Please, Press “9“, to turn the main menu.
  • To repeat these options again, Press “*”.
  • Now,Press “2“,for Bills and Payments.
  • Press “3“, to STOP, START or TRANSFER services.
  • For energy conservation programs or to update your phone number, for energy saving
  • tips-online, or for technical difficulties or any other queries Press “4“.
  • To repeat the same option Press “*”.
  • Thank You.

For more queries on bills, payment, services, or others, reach the Dominion customer service via phone or email or through their official website. Therefore, now you may easily get in touch with the Dominion Power NC representative and get the answers to your queries by calling dominion power phone number which is mentioned as above.


So, Hope you all go through the above mentioned information, about Dominion Power NC. We have gathered the whole information from different sources to give you the exact and valuable info about Dominion. So, thank you for your time to read this article. Please visit our website. If you have any query regarding this article, Comment below. We may go through your question and may deliver the correct info you want. Thank You, for more information, visit hahatricks at any time.

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