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Fix Mobile Network Not Available Error in Android

mobile network not available

Recently, my friends and neighbors who are using android mobiles saying that they are having a lot of network issues on their mobiles. These errors are like, signals get weak or shuffling, or sometimes Mobile Network not available message pops up when we try to call. I think that so many of you people have undergone and also undergoing these problems. But Don’t worry now I am here with all the possible solution for this Cellular network not available.

Today we will discuss this whole problem and try to solve it. However, we know that this is becoming a very common problem, especially on Android devices. Most of the people saying that no signal found for mobile networks or maybe they have shown a message saying no mobile network. These problems can be taken down very easily by using the below-given tips and different solutions.

mobile network not available

Mobile Network Not Available Error Occurs? Why?

Well, there are many reasons for this mobile network not available android problem. Let’s try to get all the solutions to this problem below. I will give so many options to resolve the no mobile network error, I hope it will work for you and you can solve the problem immediately. supposedly, the major problem is maybe a network issue which means there is a slight reception of the signal in your area.

The below given are the different types of solutions to solve your mobile network not available problem in any of your Android devices. Please take a look.

Ways to solve “Mobile Network Not Available” on Android!!!

Cellular network not available

As we talked earlier that there are so many reasons for this type of errors. Majorly Bad signal, weak signal reception, location, or even a slightly damaged sim may cause this error. So, I will give you all the possible solutions to fix this error.

Note: Before starting the troubleshooting process, Try reinserting your SIM card so that it will remove the Signal and SIM registration issues on the network.

Solution 1: Roaming

When the mobiles settings changes to call roaming, then also the network problem persists. So, check about roaming options in your Settings.

To do that, navigate to Settings > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming

Solution 2: Airplane Mode

Another simple reason behind this problem is when your Mobiles goes into Airplane mode. So, check whether the Airplane mode is off or not. To do that follow the below Path.

Settings > More > Flight Mode


Scroll Down > See Airplane Option > Tap to Turn OFF

Solution 3: Damaged Battery

One of the common is the battery slightly damaged in your mobile. Check one by replacing the new battery or any similar battery. If it works then you have to replace your damaged Battery.

Methods to Solve “No network Error

Method 1: Automate the Network Operator

This is the most common method to fix the error. Just navigate to the below given path on your Android mobile.

Settings > Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Automatically select

Hopefully, this will fix your problem. If not, please try other options or methods mentioned below.

Method 2: Radio signal

In some cases, the radio signal will not broadcast correctly due to several issues. SO follow the below given procedure to Fix that problem and turn off the radio.

No signal found for mobile networks

  1. Dial *#*#4636#*#* from your mobile
  2. The testing menu is prompted on Screen.
  3. Tap on phone/device information
  4. Click on Run ping test
  5. Select GSM Auto (PRL) from the drop-down list
  6. Click on “Turn off radio”.
  7. Restart your Android Device.

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Method 3: Update your Software Version

If all the steps above did not work for you then update your firmware. Here are the steps for that:

Navigate to —-> Settings > About device > Software update > Check for update

This is the most simple but very confident method to fix the no network error most prominently. SO, try this one if the above methods will not work for you.

Method 4: Factory Data Reset

If your Phone is having no software update or you are using the latest version of Android on your Mobile. Then the better way is to do a Factory Reset on your Device.

Note: Please Backup your Data before Doing this

Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset.

  1. Power off your Device.
  2. Hold Home, Power, and Volume Up buttons altogether until the android logo appears on the screen.
  3. Then you can see some options on the screen.
  4. Now use the volume down button and select “Factory Reset” option.
  5. Confirm the selection by clicking the “Power Button”.
  6. Then, select ‘Delete all user data’ and confirm it.
  7. Few seconds, you will get an option “Reboot system now”, select it.
  8. The phone will be restart then and now set it up from scratch again.

Method 5: SIM Card

In some cases when you do not insert your sim card properly this can also cause the No network available error in Android. So, to fix this just Navigate or follow the below given steps.

Mobile network not available

  • Settings > Mobile network settings
  • In the settings menu, hold both Power and home buttons or volume down and power Buttons to Turn off your Device.
  • Once your Device is off, gently remove the battery.
  • Press the home button and the power button 10 times together
  • Then, Press and hold the power and home button for 1-2 mins this will drain all static charges
  • Insert the battery again.
  • Boot up your Mobile with the SIM Card inserted in it.
  • Do not attach the back cover yet.
  • While your phone is on, remove and Re-insert the SIM card 3 times.
  • You will be prompted to restart your phone.
  • Restart your phone and you will no longer see the error while searching for network.

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Verizon Mobile Network not Available:

Some people who are using Verizon Cellular network. So, for them I have given some APN settings, just copy paste them on your Mobile.

For that Navigate to Settings > More > VPN, Then please follow the below APN settings and Set the Values as mentioned here.

Verizon APN Settings
Verizon APN:  internet
Proxy:    <Not Set>
Port:      <Not Set>
Username:  <Not Set>
Password:  <Not Set>
Server: <Not Set>
MMS proxy: <Not Set>
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 012
Authentication type: <Not Set>
APN type: <Not Set> or Internet + MMS
APN Protocol: <Default>
Bearer: <Not Set>

If the above given values does not exist in your Mobile, then Ignore and move on to the next One.


Finally, this is it, now its time to fix your Mobile Network Not available error on your Android. Hope you guys found the solution to fix this error, then please share your views with us through the comments section provided below. If we got any information regarding this article, we sure would get it updated ASAP. Therefore, for more information, visit hahatricks any time without any fail.

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