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How to Convert Int to String in Python | Detailed Guide

Int to String Python: Python is one of the popular and well-known programming languages. It is mainly used for software development, web development, system scripting as well as mathematics. It is commonly used as a high-level programming language. This language was created by Guido Van Rossum in the year 1991. It was mainly designed for highlighting on code readability.

Its syntax enables programmers to convey concepts in a less line of codes. Overall it lets you work fastly as well as combine systems more efficiently. Do you need to know how to convert int to string python? If so then you are at the exact place. This article explains to you how to convert int to string python in a simple way.

Why need the Python Programming Language?

Python is considered to be a topmost and popular programming language. It is a general purpose as well as a high-level programming language. One can use this language for developing GUI applications, web applications, and many others. In addition, it allows you to concentrate on the core functionality of the app by taking care of general programming tasks. It comes will simple and easy to understand syntax rules.

This makes everyone to keep the code readable. It works on various platforms and has an easy syntax. This syntax permits developers to write programs with fewer codes. Python was specially designed for the readability. It is very easy to convert python int to string. Look at some reasons why you must prefer Python than the other programming languages.

Int to String in Python

It is compatible will all main platforms

Python language supports many OS. So you can use and run the code on any platforms and systems you need. In addition, it enables you to run a similar code on multiple platforms without any hassle.

Readable code

The Python syntax permits you to express concepts without writing the additional code. At the same time, it lets you use English keywords than punctuations. So use this effective language in order to build apps without extra code.

Multiple programming paradigms

Like other programming languages, Python also supports many programming paradigms. It supports structured programming.

Robust standard library

Its robust standard library makes Python a popular and best programming language among others. The standard library lets you prefer from a wide range of modules according to your needs. The python convert int to string is very simple.

Simple software development

Python is a common and well-known programming language. Most of the developers have been using this language due to readable codes. One can use this programming language for developing both desktops as well as web applications.

How to Convert Python int to String?

In the below section we are going to see how to int to string python. Basically, this language offers a built-in object as an argument as well as returns an object. By using this language you can convert one data type to another type. You need to use the str() function in order to convert int python to string. Get detailed coding from online on how to get python convert to string.

Step – 1

Launch your Python editor.

Step – 2

Type “str (number)”.

Step – 3

Press “Enter”. This runs the string function to convert an integer to a string.

In the example below, you prompt the user to enter a number. Use the “int” function to convert the number to an integer. Add five to the integer. Then, the “str” function converts the integer to a string so that Python can concatenate and print out the answer.

“print ( “Enter an integer: “,) answer = input ()

number = int (answer) addFive = number +5

print ( “Adding 5 to your number, we get the answer ” +str (addFive))”

If you do not use “str” to convert the integer to a string, Python will give you the error “TypeError: cannot concatenate “str” and “int” objects”.

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