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Jio APN Settings for 4G Android, Windows Mobile & iPhone

Jio APN settings for 4G mobile is necessary to access the internet. it is important to configure the specific data after for the SIM card. As there is no automatic installation, the data should be stored through manual selection. Since the configuration SMS is not available till now this guide will be useful.

In the below we are given all jio apn settings clearly and also mentioned Apn settings for android and windows and ios mobiles. Kindly check below article cleary and set your jio 4g apn settings.

What is APN

APN is abbreviated as Access Point Name which works as a gateway between your mobile device and network carrier. As a matter of fact, the APN is crucial to establish a secure GSM / GPRS / 3G / 4G data connection. On the other hand, it defines the type of data service required for the user. For example, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), 3G and 4G. The network carrier checks Proxy, Port, Username, Password, Server, MMSC, MMS Proxy, and MMS Port before establishing the data service. In addition, it also checks the MCC, MNC, Authentication type, APN Type, APN Protocol, APN roaming protocol, MVNO, and bearer.

jio apn settings

Jio APN Settings

  1. Type Jio4G in the Name field
  2. Then type jionet in the APN
  3. Do not change the default values of the remaining fields
  4. Choose LTE from the Bearer to enable the 4G network
  5. Finally, tap on the save button and then restart your mobile

Make sure that you have chosen Jio4G as the default APN for slot 1 before restart. At the same time, the Jio SIM should be inserted in slot 1. In case you did not get network after feeding the data, you need to manually search for the network. To get the Jio network go to Settings then tap the Mobile data. In the cellular network, settings tap the Network Operators. Consequently, the available network carriers will be listed after a few seconds. Tap the Jio 4G from the network list to get network signal. Moreover, the following visual guide is useful if you have any difficulties.

Where to Type the Jio APN settings in Android Mobile

  • Go to Settings then Tap the Mobile Data on 4G Mobile
  • Otherwise, tap the Mobile Networks
  • Now you can see an option for creating APN
  • Next tap the Access Point Names from the menu
  • If there is no link for access point names then tap the plus symbol to navigate further
  • If the mobile equipped with dual SIM, it needs to have two different APN

Jio APN Settings for Windows Mobile

  • Go to settings then select Network & wireless option
  • Now tap the Cellular & SIM and then SIM settings
  • Select 4G from the Highest connection speed
  • Then enable Automatic under the Network Selection
  • Scroll down then click on Add an Internet APN
  • Next, type the profile name as Jio Internet and jionet on APN field
  • Press apply to save then activate APN

Note: The Jio4G voice app is not available for Windows mobile. If your mobile does not have VoLTE then you will not able to make calls. However, there are no issues at all in accessing high speed internet.

Jio APN settings for iPhone

  • Go to Settings then tap on the Mobile Data then select Mobile Data Options
  • Make sure you have enabled the Data Roaming
  • Now select Voice & Data then choose LTE to enable
  • Then go back to Settings tap the Carriers
  • The go back to Settings to tap the General then select Network or Cellular
  • Next, select the Cellular Data Network
  • Under Cellular Data Option APN type jionet
  • Leave all Username, Password fields as blank
  • Finally, tap the Network tab to save

The Details of Jio APN

Field Value Details
Name Jio4G It is naming purpose to differentiate the multiple APNs. Therefore it has no effect for establishing the connection.
APN jionet Type the value to match the network carrier.
Proxy Not set It is an optional field which allows specifying the address of HTTP proxy.
Port Not set To communicate with the proxy typed in the previous field.
Username/Password Not set Network carrier rarely requires in order to grant access.
Server Not set Leave it as blank because not in usage in the latest smartphones.
MMSC Not set Multimedia Messaging Service Center is used for sending and receiving MMS. The network carrier provides the value for MMSC.
MMS proxy/MMS port Not set It is for communicating with MMSC for sending and receiving MMS.
MCC/MNC Not set MCC is Mobile Country Code & MNC is Mobile Network Code. It is mostly not recommended for modification.
Authentication type Not set PAP, CHAP methods supply the name and password to the server for establishing the data connection. The choice should be default as it is not usually set.
APN type Not set Type of data connection.
APN/APN Roaming Protocol Not set This option is for mobile devices that supports IPv6/IPv4.
APN enable/disable Not set The enable or disable the APN without deleting entire data.
Bearer LTE To switch between CDMA and LTE. Select LTE if the SIM is 4G compatible.


4G network symbol should be visible on top of the screen. This status will help you to check whether Jio APN is properly configured in your mobile or not. If you are not getting the LTE/4G symbol then first check the SIM card activation status. If you are not able to configure properly post your queries in the comments section

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