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PS4 Controller wont Charge and won’t turn on issue Fixed

I am back with brand new information which you face console when you are very crazed with games mostly with video games. Yeah! Today’s topic is all about Play Station 4. Many of the users are facing a problem with PS4, which is the latest phenomenal in the gaming world. But, there are different issues have been people are facing mostly related to cables. The main questions are PS4 Controller wont charge? My ps4 controller won’t charge Why??? what screen resolutions will PS4 support? How many DUALSHOCK4 wireless controllers can I connect to my PS4 at one time? PlayStation 4 controller not charging? and so on.

The PlayStation 4’s  DS4 controller is the best controller for gaming. It’s well-made, feels great in your hands, and offers superb feedback where it matters most, especially in the analog sticks, triggers and bumpers. And meanwhile, it’s not quite as plug-and-play as the Xbox 360 controller. it’s relatively easy to get working on PC’s thanks to an official (but optional) Bluetooth dongle and native Steam support. Here’s the best way to get your PS4 controller working on PC using an open source tool called Dualshock4 Windows.

PS4 Controller Wont Charge

How to Fix When PS4 Controller Wont Charge / Connect:

Play station 4 is the finest gaming consoles provides an extraordinary gaming experience with amazing gameplay. But, What if your PS4 controller not charging, It is one of the usual problems that all users have been complaining about the issue on forums. If your PS4 controller won’t charge, you can try these options for further.

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  • Try using a charging dock.
  • Power of the Controller and Reset it by reset button on its back.
  • If it is an old controller, then try replacing its battery.
  • Press and hold the PS + Share button at the same time. Now you should wait until you see the light flashing on a controller. Later, release the buttons, and plug the controller into PS 4 using the USB cable.
  • Buy Play Station 4 charging station.

Users may also contact customer support for further. They can help you or rather exchange it with you. You have to give them a serial number on the back of the controller. Follow this method as well when your ps4 controller won’t charge.FAQ’S on my ps4 controller won’t charge and follow these steps for best results.

  • Put your controller in the pairing mode and hold the PS button and share simultaneously. The light bar should begin to flash white.
  • Connect the controller to the device via Bluetooth to any of this PC, Android, PS 3 alike.
  • Disconnect the controller from the paired Bluetooth device and Make sure that you are disconnected directly from the blue tooth device. Once disconnected locate a pin or tray removal pin and push into the reset hole on the rear of the controller and Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Connect the USB cable to the controller and proceed to power on the Play Station 4.
  • Once the system has loaded to the login screen it will ask you to press the PlayStation Button. This will initiate pairing between the controller and Play station 4, the controller should now be fully operable.
  • That’s it. Hope your device works properly to play lots of games you like.


Feature’ s available on Play Station 4:

Here are some features related to Play station 4.Look it up.

  • Online Multiplayer
    There are multiplayer competitive and cooperatives games via the internet.
  • Instant Game Collection
    Access to a regular, curated selection of titles made exclusively available to PS Plus members at no additional cost. The PlayStation 4 titles available for Instant Game Collection at PlayStation 4’s launch in North America will include Resogun and Contrast.
  • Discounts
    Members will have access to exclusive discounts on PlayStation Stores.
  • Online Game Save
    Members may automatically (or manually) upload game save files to Online Game Save Storage for safekeeping. Up to 1 Giza Byte of cloud storage will be allocated to your PlayStation 4 save files.
  • Other benefits
    It is early access to exclusive game content, automatic game patch downloads and installation, and more.

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What you need for Play Station 4:

  • Hardware
    • Dual Shock 4 and micro-USB cable
    • Dual shock 4 USB wireless Bluetooth adapter(Optional)
  • Software
    • Dual Shock 4 Windows
    • Microsoft Net Frame Work 4.5
    • Xbox 360 controller driver


Here we have given almost all the Details about the Play Station 4. Hope you found this useful. If you want more interesting and Informational stuff, keep visiting hahatricks and get all the information you need within minutes and Thank you for visiting our website.

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