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Samsung Galaxy Note series Rumoured and Price, Leaked Photos {Foldable Display}

Hello everyone, I hope you all having a good day. But now, it is going to become a bright day because I’m going to share with you today about the most awaited smartphone of the year from Samsung, its called Samsung Note 6. Today we are going to know about the Samsung Note 6 release date and Galaxy Note 6 specs, price and even the features that phone is going to have. So, get ready for that, you can get all the information about Samsung Galaxy Note 6 (Preferred to call as) which is coming with very advanced technology and features.

Okay, I know that you are wondering what they are? Well, I’m revealing the curtain today. On this day I will give you all the available information and answers to the standard questions like When does the Galaxy Note 6 come out, Tell me about the features? Blah Blah Blah!. Please read until the end to get all the required information. Look at once Samsung best free music player for android and also know about Best windows 10 media player 2017 for your note 6 from here.


The long-awaited SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 (Expected to be named SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 6), introduced in August and launched in September 2016 was discontinued after numerous reports of overheating and catching fire.

Samsung Note 6 Release Date

Samsung decided to stop sales and shipment of galaxy note 7 on October 10th, 2016. The replacement program is still available to those who have purchased this device. You can find more about it here. You can use login in Samsung devices.

As you have heard – or experienced personally – we have stopped production of the Galaxy Note 7. We are working swiftly to ensure every note 7 devices are safely returned. For those directly affected, we appreciate your patience throughout the replacement process

Samsung Note 6 Release Date and Features:

We are already announced Samsung note 6 release date and features below. Fine then buddies!!! Let’s know about the device specifications first. Well, most of the features are imaginary and rumored on the internet since the Note 5 arrived in the market. So, I have compiled the best and compatible features in this article.

Firstly, this handset assumed to come with the 5.7 inches wide-screen as same as Note 5. Also, a rumor is there that this mobile comes with an even larger screen with approx 6″. And when coming to the next exciting feature, camera. As we know that this device will be a high-end configured handset, it has to have a more powerful camera. Assumptions on the internet that this mobile is coming up with 30 MP and 16 MP Rear and Front camera with perfect picture quality.

Also, you can take 4K videos from this device as well, isn’t it great. ET news also said that the Samsung Note 6 specs are working on dual camera which is not there on any other Samsung phone. So, this will be a unique Edition and a flagship Device. Dual-camera technology will allow users to record 360-degree videos in 4K, take live photos and 3D photos as well.

More Information About the Note 6 Specs and Features:

Here, I will give you other main highlights and cornerstone features of this Samsung Note 6 which is going to release this year-end or early days of next year. Another rumor which is spreading and going viral is that this Note6 is coming with the unique and most advanced technology of Foldable screen. An official from Samsung Display said in the publication, “The industry believes that the commercialization of Foldable Smartphones will be possible in 2017”. This statement makes sure that this rumor will be faithful to the full extent. Anyway, so many people waiting for Galaxy Note 6 release date because to see this feature, the time will give the answers to all.

Highlights of Samsung Note 6:

  • No trend for Octa-core anymore, so it is giving 16-core Exynos Processor from Samsung Electronics.
  • It is expected to get this device hands-on with the massive 6 or 8 GB RAM for Horse racing performance.
  • Dust Proof Technology and assumed to have the 3D touch.
  • The Latest Marshmallow (6.0), but not so sure
  • Even the internal memory options are 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB.
  • Coming with the new and radiant colors like Pink Gold, Silver Titanium which gives your phone a classy look.

Along with those features, the most important one is battery backup. One of the most significant issues people have with their smartphones these days is the miserable battery life. So, Samsung Note 6 gives you the best Battery with its big 4200 mAh battery. We can also expect a new design that may include metal and alloy components. Also, it will be thin and slim and available in black and white all over the world and pink gold and silver titanium, and for now, these devices are available in South Korea only.

Note 6 Specifications
Main Features

1. CPU                  16-core Exynos processor

2. RAM                  8 GB

3. Camera             30 MP

So, friends as we all know the features of this upcoming Samsung Smartphone. And you think that you have to gather more information, then please look out the below table, which will give you full details on the specifications of the most awaited Samsung Note 6 mobile.

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Samsung Note 6 release date:

So friends as we have not got any special announcement from the Samsung team not yet. By taking into the reference of some of the statements, we can assume that this device will be available in some parts of the world in the year 2017 itself in a few months. And when coming to India, it will take some more time to be marketed. So, we have to wait for 2018 for the grand release of Samsung Note 6.


As we know previously released Note 7 mobiles are having so many problems, and several issues complained by the users. But this time Samsung was careful, not to repeat them in this exclusive handset, so the wait is worth as we all know that the Note 6 release is the dream of so many people because of its incredible features. Thus, it will be available in the market both online and offline from this year 2017 ending or maybe early months of 2018 as a new year gift to all of us. Wait for the official Announcement till then.

Samsung Note 6 Price:

Well, are you wondering about the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 6? Then you can get the answer here.

As it has high-end features, the handset will be a costly one, Obviously. I have searched and dug the internet to give you the information or approximate price of this handset all over the internet. The assumptions are as follows:

The handset will cost up to $1200 US dollars in the United States, and EUR 1086 in European countries and £705 in the UK.

A bit surprising! Right. But as assuming the features which are given above in the article, it is valid to have a high price which almost equals the cost of iPhone X.

Final Words:

So, friends hope you all enjoyed the features and all the other information. About specs (Foldable 4K display, 16-core Exynos processor,4200 mAh battery, 6-8 GB RAM, 30-megapixel rear-facing camera), features (Foldable display, a dual-camera setup, fast charging technology, optical image stabilization, auto-focus), price and release date. But, there are no official ways that we can say these features are 100% correct.

We have gathered the whole information from different sources to give you an assembled review on this upcoming arrival. So, thank you for sparing your time to read this article and visiting our website. If we got any information regarding this article, we sure would get it updated ASAP. Therefore, for more information, visit hahatricks any time without any fail.

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