Upcoming Smartwatch Buying Guide: Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2018

It doesn’t matter that you are doing shopping online or offline. All thing is matter you choose the right product for yourself and do so you need a complete guide. Today we have a complete smart watch guide for you. The things you need to consider before buying any smartwatch for yourself or anyone others.

We have summed up all the considerable features and important aspect to look before buying watch. So without any delay let’s jump to buying the guide for the best smartwatch:

Upcoming Smartwatch

Upcoming Smartwatch Buying Guide:

• Compatible with your phone: The first thing you should see that the smartwatch you are going for supports your device and its operating system. See that the smartphone supports your Android version. There are devices which support both Android and even iOS, but be careful as some smartwatches connect with iOS, but some functionality might be disabled.

• Design: A smart watch all comes down to how it looks and whether you like it. The display and all the buttons around it. Also look for the straps whether it comes in leather or metal. Another thing to see if the strap can be replaceable or not at some time in its life it will wear out and needed to be replaced.

Display and Interface: See thoroughly what display the smartwatch comes in. And how to navigate the device. Most of the device either come with LCD or AMOLED display. Although, some adds only the touchscreen feature while the others add both the touchscreen and the old-school buttons. Each has its own functionality to zoom, select and use any apps on your smartwatch.

Performance and Notification: The smartwatches should be such that it can leave up to expectation. Other than showing the time on your device, the smartwatch should be able to show all your notification from different apps like social apps or any new message or any other remainder. Most smartwatches have gear app which you can install on your connected smartphone and control what to show .Your smartphone should also be able to alert you when you get notification using vibration or some sound.

• Supported Apps: Most smartwatches especially from Apple, Google, and Samsung allow you to download and install thousands of apps directly to your smartwatch without the need of your smartphone. Apple even has a dedicated app store for its watch.

• Price: The next thing to note and the most important is the price range. There are different companies that produce the watch. While smartwatches from Apple, Google, Samsung, fossils and other high-end companies come at a higher cost while that of some startup and Chinese company comes with lower price tag watches. Though functionality you would find any shortage that premium quality might be missing for the budget smartwatches.

• IP Certified: The IP certification is one of the most important features to note. Almost all the smartwatches comes with the IP certified but not all are completely waterproof to water. If love gym and swimming then you need a better waterproof smartwatch for your self. So pick one which is IP68 certified because it will be waterproof to 30 meters of depth.

• Battery and Charging: For long-lasting use, you need to have an adequate battery. Most of the premium watches need daily charging which lasts almost a day if not more. Also, you should see how the device is charged. While premium smart watches the case in which it comes has charging mechanism which charges the device when placed in it, others have different ways of charging.

• Unique Features: As the technology is advancing, smart watches also come with different functionality like fitness and voice calling. Smart watches can track your walking or cycling distance using built-in GPS system in the smartwatches. Some watches can even measure your heart rate. Some smartwatches like Gear S3 comes with inbuilt LTE functionality so that you can make a call without the need of your phone. However, this functionality does eat up a lot of battery, so you also need to observe the battery of a watch while using it.

Final Words:

These are some of the guides that you should keep in your mind and look for while making the purchase a smartwatch. I hope now you have a clear idea how to choose a smartwatch. Don’t forget to share this with your friends who are confused and not able to decide which watch would be the best for them.

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